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To kick off the Campaign for the Common Good, and celebrate the teachers who rock, we're inviting people of all ages to share a story about a teacher who changed their life.

To read about teachers who have made a difference for someone in your area, click the icons on the map below. Below the map, you can also browse all the stories.

“Mr. Holland” Isn’t Just in Hollywood

I graduated high school in 1973 and often think about my "Mr. Holland"...the teacher who believed in each one of his art students to reach their greatest potential. His real name is Ken Hoover who taught art classes at L'Anse Creuse High School in Michigan until his retirement. If there is one lesson he taught us all...through our art...was that Read More »

Turned Me onto Learning - Permanently!

My first grade teacher turned me on to learning. She kept encouraging me through reading word lists and through challenging vocabulary stories to not only read--but to read things that would make me want to learn more and more. Today I have that thirst for learning still--and I'm 58. I don't just want to read about the places in the world--I Read More »

An NSF Project Buildup Champion

Since 2007, NSF Project Build Up visits schools & recreation centers in our city with Law Enforcement Agencies and other companies to empower, educate, support, encourage and motivate youth in many topics relating to effective living skills. From dropout prevention to practicing abstinence to conflict resolution and interests in higher education Read More »

Thanks, Mr. Sellers! We Miss You.

Mr Sellers was my eleventh grade English Lit teacher. Each grading period, he conducted one-on-one discussions with his students to review their grade for the quarter. I had worked hard, but I had a lot going on in my personal life and knew that I had not done the bestthat I could do in everything. It was hard time. Mr Sellers sat down with me Read More »

Thanks, Mrs. Frey - I’m Still Left-Handed!

Mrs Frey was my first and third grade teacher -- she taught me to read and write. When I advanced to fourth grade, my new teacher thought I should learn to write right-handed. Mrs Frey stepped in -- and I remember it like it was yesterday, not 40-plus years ago -- and told my fourth grade teacher that I write just fine and to let me be Read More »

A Catholic School Education is A-OK!

While having attended Catholic schools from Kindergarten through High School, I was taught by a number of nuns, but the one who had the most impact on my life was Sr. Mary Paul Henry. She was an amazing young woman who not only made learning fun, but also taught us how being kind and giving can enrich your life in even more ways. She was a Read More »

Patient Determination

Mrs Saldiva was at Rosemont Middle School teaching 6th grade in 1986. Thanks to her, I learned that I was worthy of care and patience. She worked very hard with me to develop a confident young woman and for that I am eternally grateful. Through her eyes and compasionate love for her students, I accepted myself and realized my own true Read More »

My 8th Grade History Teacher

My eighth grade history teacher, Mr. Luther, taught me to just be myself. Be who you are, not who other people want you to be. If you do this, you will have real friends. Always do your best in everything you do, but remember: school ALWAYS comes first. Read More »

Education Matters Your Entire Life

I have been working on my Bachelor's Degree at Bowling Green State University since the spring semester of 2006. I started that spring semester with two courses one in political science and the other in environmental science.

The next semester in the fall of 2006 I increased my course selection by one more class. By the spring semester Read More »

Teacher with a Heart of Gold

I had a hard time in school. I was bullied very badly. In fact, I hated school. I never learned anything anyway. The whole day consisted of getting made fun of and dodging the next "bullet." My previous teacher didn't care and nor did the principal at the time. In fact, my previous teacher contributed to making fun of me. I went into fourth grade Read More »

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