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To kick off the Campaign for the Common Good, and celebrate the teachers who rock, we're inviting people of all ages to share a story about a teacher who changed their life.

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Smashing Van Gogh and Shakespeare

As a freshman in high school in 1995 I had little interest in school, found more interesting activities like skipping class and taking questionable substances. Eventually I was kicked out of my freshman year of high school and sent to a rehabilitation facility. My parents could not afford treatment, but the local United Way fund paid for the Read More »

Josh Kestell

Josh Kestell was my 10th history teacher at Sheboygan South High School in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. During the year, he worked with me to pass the class when I needed help.

He inspired me to go above and beyond when most students did not. With his help, I am doing better and going above and beyond to help anyone and get the job done. Read More »

Vision in the South Bronx

When I was in the 5th grade, I was bored. I had always been a good student but around 5th grade I think I realized it for myself. I also realized that I could play around in class and with my friends and still get all my work done. I wasn't being challenged. My 5th grade teacher, my first male teacher, Mr. Richard Davigan saw my behavior change. Read More »

A Teacher Who Cared

When I was in high school I was in a learning disability class. I had a very hard time growing up with family issues and having a learning disability didnt help matters in school. My teacher I had road my coat tail all through High school. If it wasn't for her Caring enough to see me through graduation I would have never did it i would have Read More »

Study Skills - important learning tools

We were a room full of seventh graders, in our first year of changing classes for each subject. Mr. Freyer was the seventh grade social studies teacher, however he taught us something much more important than just the required curriculum of seventh grade world geography and history. In fact his primary teaching objective was to prepare us for Read More »

Timeline Tales

Miss Nancy Pugh came at the semester break to teach World History. Our previous teacher left due to illness. The first day in our classroom she put a timeline up across the top of the classroom. She told us we could not learn history in a vacuum. She asserted we needed to know what was going on all over the world at the same time in order to Read More »

Thank You for Making My Public Education Experience Great

I had two teachers--Paul Fleming and Ken King--at Hume-Fogg High School in Nashville who co-taught a World Studies course. It was a mixture of history and literature classes. They had the ability to connect the history behind a book we read. For instance, we read A Man For All Seasons while learning the history of 16th Century England. They spent Read More »

The Overlooked Teacher

to be honest, i've had some good teachers throughout my life. some were funny and helped us get involved in different and more intriguing ways. the one teacher that taught me the most about everything, the one overlooked teacher is my father. i actually learned math and was top of my class in math due to my father and his unmatched math skills. he Read More »

My Second Father

He doesn't like other common teacher, whom does just thinking of how to give a lesson to the class, nothing more. He really cares about his student, he really knows how to interact with student as if all of them are his own children. What the different from other teacher, he knows (almost, since he getting older too), all of names of students. Not Read More »

British Literature Come Alive

Mr Sullivan had a reputation for being a little quirky. Many students dread the depth with which he plunged into the classics of British Literature. To top it off, he didn't just teach the who, what and where of great stories - his class was interdisciplanary... you had to do more than just read and remember.

Of course, this approach to Read More »

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