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How To Find A Volunteer Opportunity

Depending on your schedule, your skills and interests, and the needs in your community, there are many different kinds of volunteer opportunities for you to consider. Listed below are some different approaches for you to consider as you get started.

Search For Existing Opportunities

United Way makes it easy for you to find volunteer reading, tutoring or mentoring opportunities directly from our website. Just enter your zipcode. You can expand or reduce the search area depending on how far you are able to travel.

Create Your Own Opportunity

Can’t find an option that works for you? You can still take action and make a difference to help students succeed in school. For example, students are more likely to succeed when they begin reading early in life. To give kids that extra boost, think about volunteering at a local childcare center as a reader. More ideas.

Will I Need A Background Check?

Many nonprofits, schools, libraries, and other agencies that offer opportunities to volunteer with children and youth screen their volunteers in an effort to protect the vulnerable populations they serve. Here are links to more information. Fact Sheet about Background Checks.

USA Today Article on Volunteer Background Checks

Your State & Volunteer Background Checks

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