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Choosing the Opportunity That's Right for You

In most communities, there are a range of different opportunities for people with different interests and different schedules. Check out our tools to help you choose the opportunity that’s right for you.

Read with a Child

Reading with children engages them in storytelling, opens their mind, and unlocks their imagination. It is a great way for volunteers to support literacy development. As a child grows, reading becomes increasingly important for understanding the world, achieving academic success and succeeding in the workforce. Read More.

Tutor a Child

Tutoring -- instructing a child one-on-one or in small groups -- has been shown to have positive effects on academic performance. The literacy and math skills that young people receive through tutoring solidify their efforts toward high school, college and career success. Read More.

Mentor a Child

Children and youth need more than academic supports to make it through school successfully. Mentors provide emotional support that enhances a child’s self-esteem, foster self-control, and provide guidance and advice. Read More.

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