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Healthy Kids Community Activation Center - No Screen Week

TV, computers, video games, cell phones-they're all valuable tools, but enough is enough! Kids ages 8 to 18 spend an average six hours a day in front of a screen. Even an hour diverted from TV to the playground benefits kids greatly.

But what about a dramatic jumpstart-a no-screen week! Communities across the country have done it, and you can, too!

How to Start ...

  • Build support. Get buy-in from others. Ask families and neighborhood groups like a Scout troop, classroom or church choir to join your efforts-and together agree to eliminate screen time for a week.
  • Make it fun. Many kids may groan when they hear the news, so be ready to talk it up! For example--
    • The principal, adult leader or local celebrity can announce the start of the week and hand out a list of alternate activities.
    • Kids can sign a pledge card, chart their day-to-day progress and share what they did instead of flopping in front of the TV.
    • Your group can celebrate together at a community event the night before the week ends with games like bingo or charades.
  • Reflect. Kids start out thinking the week will be endless. They are often surprised to see how much fun they have without TV or video games. Give them a chance to talk, draw or write about the experience and share it with others.

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Or Consider This ...

Many kids are "couch potatoes" because they don't have options for safe outdoor play. Volunteer at a rec center, Boys and Girls Club, Big Brother/Big Sister to offer kids healthy, fun, safe alternatives to sitting home in front of the TV.

Share with Others ...

Have you dimmed the screen? Tell us about your community's success.