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Healthy Kids Community Activation Center - Launch a Dance Class

Physical activity is more than sports. Kids move-a lot!-when they dance, whether it's hip-hop, salsa or ballet.

If you have two left feet, not to worry. You can still get kids' feet tapping in no time.

How to Get Started ...


  • Check what's hot. Ask kids what kinds of dance they would like to do or learn. (You don't have to let on "it's good for them," though, in fact, dancing is aerobic exercise that also builds muscles and improves flexibility!)
  • Find a dance leader and place. Whichever dance(s) become the focus, ask someone who knows the moves to share them. Cast a wide net. A teen could lead a hip-hop group. A parent might be an accomplished Khmer or merengue dancer.
  • Dance, dance, dance! Gather at rec centers, dance studios in off-hours or a school gym. Boys and Girls Clubs, Y's and community centers are often looking for new programs that appeal to kids-your idea may be a perfect fit!
  • Let the kids set their goal.

o Do they want to participate in a competition? If so, ask about events in your community, or consider hosting an event at a school or rec center.
o Perform for friends and family? Schedule an event 6 to 12 months out as a goal to work toward.
o Just dance for the fun of it? That's cool, too!

Dance appeals to kids of all ages, including teens. Give them what they love to do-and build their fitness level at the same time!

To Learn More ...

  • About how-tos, including instructional videos for the dances you want to share with kids, check out Tezero Productions LIVE and
  • About competitions, check out the list compiled by USA Dance as a place to start looking for an event that meets your group's experience level.

Or Consider This ...

Many local United Ways have brought HOPSports to middle and high schools in their communities. HOPSports offers kids fun ways to get fit, including through dance. You can sponsor one kid, an after-school program or a whole school's involvement with this proven program.

Share with Others ...

Already have kids' toes tapping? Tell us about your dance class or club.