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Healthy Kids Community Activation Center - Active Play Bags

In most schools, recess is 20 minutes or even shorter. Teachers shouldn't have to spend valuable time scrounging around for playground gear that might be someplace in the school building. When each class or grade level has its own bag stuffed with play equipment, more time is spent moving and less time is spent searching!

This could be a great PTA/PTO project. Or you could coordinate an effort to get equipment donated to several schools in the community.

How to Get Started ...

  • Ask teachers for ideas. Or survey the kids themselves! What are some fun activities that kids can play together in the 20 or so minutes of recess every day?
  • Stuff the bags. Use sturdy duffle or equipment bags. To avoid confusion, label each bag and its items with the name of the class or grade. Ask about any safety or recess guidelines that the school or teacher must follow. Depending on the answer, the bags might contain-
    • Jump ropes
    • Kick balls
    • Soccer balls
    • Frisbees
    • Chalk for four-square or hopscotch.
  • Present the bags. At a school assembly or in classrooms, explain to kids why you have put together the bags and what's inside. Ask them to take responsibility for putting away the items after each recess.

Research has shown the physical, emotional and educational benefits of recess. You can ensure that kids spend recess time having fun, interacting with classmates and getting fit!

To Learn More ...

About the benefits of recess for kids:

Or Consider This ...

Donate gently used equipment, gift cards, or money to create classroom recess bags or otherwise to provide play and sports equipment to kids.

Share with Others ...

What's happening during recess at your kids' schools? Tell us how kids are moving!