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Healthy Kids Community Activation Center

When kids are healthy, they are on the path to a lifetime of improved health.

Help kids in your community increase their physical activity and eat more healthful foods.
Everyday, ordinary people are accomplishing extraordinary things by getting involved in the community. We all have special talents. Things we can do to help. Use your talents to motivate kids to move more and eat better. Sometimes what is really needed is one person to get things started and organized. Soon, kids in a class, neighborhood or community are getting fit together.

You make the call about where to focus. Share your skills. Share your passion. Give. Advocate. Volunteer.

Need some ideas to get you started? Check these out!

Plant a community garden
Invite a local sports hero to kick off a group fitness goal
Start a kids' running club
Launch a dance club or class
Start a "walking bus" to and from school
Stuff "active play bags" for recess
Start a President's Challenge club
Cook up a kids' culinary class
Stage a "no-screen" week
Set up a Born Learning Trail for toddlers
Increase access to healthy food

Already helping kids to be more active and eat healthful foods? Share how!