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Helping Ferguson

United Way of Greater St. Louis has created the Ferguson Fund to support a coordinated approach around community building, mental health needs, basic needs and long-term strategies.

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Why World Toilet Day Matters

The world is a complicated place, and it takes comprehensive solutions to drive lasting change. We’re seeing that kind of change improving lives in places like West Bengal, India, where something as simple as clean, working bathrooms in schools are empowering young women and opening more doors to economic opportunity. 

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Romanians Boosting Employee Engagement Through Volunteering

I had the great opportunity to travel to Bucharest to attend the 10th annual conference of the HR Club, the association of human resource professionals from many of the largest companies throughout Romania. Some 450 Romanians attended, and those I met were very interested in  building employee volunteer programs that help attract, retain and motivate the best and the  brightest.