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The President has released a budget proposal that would severely cut social services for children and families. As troubling as this is, these cuts can’t happen unless Congress approves them.

Your elected officials need to hear from constituents like YOU about the importance of funding health, education, and financial stability programs that improve opportunities for all.

Cuts to afterschool, national service and homeless assistance programs have real consequences for real people – especially teachers, young children with special needs, working families, and students with school debt.

Can we count on you to fight for the health, education, and financial stability of your community? Join us in calling on Congress to recognize the strong value of federal programs that build the capacity of people to thrive and succeed, and pass a budget that reflects our nation’s value of opportunity for all.

For the Fiscal Year 2018 funding bill, we’re aiming to send 2,018 letters to Congress in support of robust investments in health, education, and financial stability. Help us reach that goal!