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In 2014, United Way awarded our highest distinction for philanthropy, the Alexis de Tocqueville Award, to Larry and Gloria Macdonald.

Longtime supporters of United Way, Larry and Gloria embody the ideal of global citizenship that drives our worldwide mission. For more than 28 years, they have contributed to lasting community change in their hometown of Calgary, Canada, while also supporting long-term solutions abroad.

Larry and Gloria not only served a key leadership role in establishing United Way’s presence in France, but also dedicated their money and their time to, among other things, bringing positive change to several communities in Uganda and Ghana—the kind of real and lasting change that people can see and feel in their daily lives. Among other things, their donations to Uganda and Ghana resulted in three boreholes that provide clean drinking water to 1,500 families, a medical center that serves more than 10,000 people, and 50,000 mosquito nets distributed to stop the spread of malaria.

  • 2013 Tocqueville Society Award Winner

    United Way Tocqueville Society is proud to recognize Michael K. Hayde with the 2013 National United Way Tocqueville Society Award®.

    Mike Hayde grew up in an extremely economically challenged area. His early experiences there influenced his philosophy of philanthropy, volunteerism and the value of “second chances”, and inspired his passion for creating opportunities for all at home in Orange County and around the world.

    Mike’s involvement with United Way began in Orange County when the Tocqueville Society was in its formative stages and he was asked to join by a business competitor and philanthropist, Peter Ochs. Since then, Mike’s financial support has increased year over year and he is currently a member of the $10 Million Roundtable of the Tocqueville Society. His strategic and thoughtful giving includes support for United Way infrastructure and for valuable staff recognition and retention incentives. He also challenged Orange County United Way to “think differently” by inspiring the establishment of endowment that will provide a sustainable source of funding for the future.

    His contributions are not only financial. As a volunteer leader he has invited many of his peers to join him as members of the Million Dollar Roundtable and Tocqueville Society. He led the effort to grow the endowment through the Tocqueville Legacy Circle, asking board members and Tocqueville members to endow their gifts.