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Register now for the retreat September 9-11, 2016!

Participants get the chance to:

  • Attend hands-on workshops from pros on leadership skills, club management, member recruitment and retention, training techniques, professional development, social media practices and more
  • Build relationships with student leaders and United Way professionals
  • Deepen your understanding around social issues and work toward creating solutions with students from around the world
  • Get inspired by fellow students’ new and innovative ideas
  • Get an inside scoop on how to start or strengthen your own Student United Way
  • Be a part of something global
  • Attend for free (participants must cover the cost of their travel and lodging)

Register now. Contact student@unitedway.org with questions.

I have never felt so eager to do good, ignite volunteers, or change the community I live in than I do after this weekend.

-Student United Way President

Watch the 2015 Student United Way Leadership Retreat

Stream recordings of the retreat for the first time ever.

  • Opening Session [click to watch]
    • Let's start this thing! We'll kick the weekend off by getting to know more about United Way and the awesome people at the retreat.
  • Get to Know Your New Board [click to watch]
    • Meet the brand new Student United Way Global Leadership Board.
  • Tell Your United Way Story [click to watch]
    • Find out everything you need to know about United Way and how to talk about it in your own words with Eric Glaser and Neil Parekh, from United Way Worldwide’s Impact and Communication teams.
  • Online Presence [click to watch]
    • You can use social media to build your true-to-self personal brand and work to shape the ways you’re perceived by the world. Learn how with Kelly Barrett, United Way Worldwide’s social media manager. 
  • Redefining Community [click to watch]
    • Through Student United Way, you have community around the world. Wamite Muthara, of United Way Worldwide's International team, will lead this session on redefining community and seeing how we're part of something truly global.
  • Diversity Matters [click to watch]
    • Darlene Slaughter, United Way Worldwide’s Chief Diversity Officer, will lead a conversation on what diversity and inclusion mean and why they matter.  
  • Building Relationships to Build Your Career [click to watch]
    • Building relationships through Student United Way and beyond can help you land your next internship or job. United Way Worldwide's Donna Platon will tell you how.
  • Take Your Student United Way from 0 to 100 Real Quick [click to watch]
    • Develop life-long and dedicated Student United Way leaders through volunteering in a one-week Alternative Break—all it takes is a bit of planning, a little fundraising, and a dash of grit. No Drake needed. Join Brian Pham, co-founder of Break a Difference, for this session on the power of Alternative Breaks.
  • "Make-A-Difference" Reinvented [click to watch]
    • Like most other industries, the make-a-difference industry has changed dramatically in the past 10 years. The power has shifted to you. So now what? Jay Baydala, co-founder of Goodpin, will lead a session on how fundraising is all about the individual.   
  • The Causes We Care About: A Panel Discussion [click to watch]
    • What do education, income and health look like when you dig deep? Representatives from County Health Rankings & Roadmaps, Young Invincibles, and United Way Worldwide will join Lauri Valerio in a discussion and Q&A on how these topics affect us all.

Want to get involved? Got questions? Email student@unitedway.org.