Discussions: What stands in the way of a child’s success?

It’s a difficult question, but one worth exploring from a variety of angles. In your community, is there one single factor that’s keeping all kids from achieving their full potential?

Of course, there are numerous factors that play a part in a child’s development. But this question is a little different: What do you feel is the root cause of a child’s success in your community. Maybe it’s something in the schools, like insufficient access to arts education. Maybe it’s something in the community as a whole, like gang violence or drug activity. Maybe the barrier to success is more subtle, such as an unrealistic vision of the world portrayed in the media or a political mentality that a child’s education isn’t as important as other factors.

And, for this discussion, let’s assume a modest definition of what it means to be “successful” — good health, a stable income, and access to the education one needs to achieve his or her goals.

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