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Youth Volunteer Opportunities for Summer Break

Challenge your children this summer. Sign them up for a few youth volunteer opportunities to augment their schedule of work, watching summer movies, texting their friends and playing video games. These activities will help them grow socially, get some fresh air, and learn responsibility.
Summer School Programs
Many elementary schools stay open throughout the summer months. From low-income lunch programs to summer school classes and open-gym time, schools are busy when standard classes aren’t in session. Many programs look for youth from the school to help with programming. Your child could help coach athletic programs, manage the meal programs, or be a peer mentor for students taking summer school classes.

Summer Activities with Religious Institutions
If you’re involved with a religious organization, you know how many extra-curricular activities they offer outside the standard worship services. From potluck luncheons to weekend rummage sales, there are plenty of opportunities for your child to lend a helping hand. Youth can be on hand to refill drinks during meals or organize tables of goods for sale during fundraisers. Youth can also coordinate and teach younger children who participate in summer activities at their church, synagogue or mosque.

Summer City Recreation Programs
Has your child ever been on a summer youth sports team? City-based recreation programs are always looking for youth volunteers to help with these programs. From being in charge of the team’s equipment, to becoming an assistant coach, there are plenty of ways to get involved. Youth volunteer opportunities are a great way for your child to investigate new sports without the commitment of joining a team.

Need some guidance? You can find United Way volunteer opportunities for the entire family here. Make your summer both enjoyable and productive: give back to your community as a family.