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What’s at Stake

(Thursday, October 13, 2011.) 

This Tuesday I’m going to Capitol Hill to testify before Congress on an issue of vital importance to our communities, and I can’t carry the message alone.

Congressional leaders are considering ways to reduce the budget deficit, and the ability of donors to deduct charitable contributions from their taxes is at stake. Will you join me in sending a message to Congress to preserve the Charitable Tax Deduction?


America has long been defined by an enduring and powerful characteristic – our charitable spirit. Proposed limitations to the charitable deduction would unfairly burden those at the bottom of the economic spectrum. Today, our nation's most vulnerable families need more help, not less. 

Tell your Senators to stand with America’s families and preserve the Charitable Tax Deduction. 


Thank you for adding your voice and helping to create opportunities for a better life for all.

Brian Gallagher, 
President and CEO
United Way Worldwide  

P.S. United Way will stream the hearing live on liveunited.org Tuesday at 10:00 a.m. ET. Log on to see my testimony and participate in the online conversation with other supporters.


UPDATE: Brian Gallagher published an op-ed on preserving the charitable deduction on October 26, 2011.