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Want to help our kids succeed? Join the #KidsWin Rally

Want to help our kids succeed? Join the #KidsWin Rally

Using a congressional briefing on disconnected youth as a call to action, United Way is planning advocacy opportunities supporting our nation's young people. As part of the activities, we invite you to join a social media rally raising awareness about the 6.7 million youth between ages 16 to 24 that are disconnected from both school and work. The goal is to call attention to the need for programs and policies to support communities in reconnecting youth.

Get Involved. Here’s what you can do:

  1. READ about the latest research on disconnected youth. Share the INFOGRAPHIC on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.
  2. RALLY on social media about the importance of this critical issue. Use our sample twitter messages and Facebook posts below.
  3. PLEDGE to become a mentor for a disconnected youth or young person at risk of disconnecting from school and work. It only takes a minute to pledge to make a difference.

To join the #KidsWin Rally, go to unitedway.org/disconnected-youth TODAY. 


  • Join the #Kidswin rally & help yng ppl stay on track to success in school & work http://ow.ly/dMuLF
  • INFOGRAPHIC: What will it take to reconnect our nation’s youth? Join the #KidsWin Rally http://ow.ly/dMuLF
  • Did you know that 6.7 million youth are unattached to work and school? Share the infographic: http://ow.ly/dMuLF #KidsWin

Send a Facebook Post:

For the 16-24 age group, approximately 6.7 million are currently disconnected youth. These youth are unattached to school and work. These youth impose – on average and compared to other youth – an immediate taxpayer burden of $13,900 per year and an immediate social burden of $37,450 per year (2011 dollars). Join the #KidsWin Rally and learn how you can support this population: http://ow.ly/dMuLF