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United Way Women’s Leadership Summit

United Way Women’s Leadership Summit

Day 3. March 4, 2011.

This is the last day for the Summit. I know the energy in the room is that the ladies will be able to go back to their respective United Way chapters and share the many many fundamental skills they learned this week. Today's panel discussed Corporate Social Responsibility and how the panelist's companies employ corporate social responsibility within their own corporations. Jack Toan with Wells Fargo, Lisa Lynn with UPS, Margaret Grioli with Macy's and Atul Tandon who is with Investor Relations with the UW all shared their best practices.

Lots of ideas and thoughts for fodder were shared. Jack explains that where there is a Wells Fargo presence there should be a corporate social responsibility representative that each UW chapter can approach. Lynn, with UPS shared that giving is simply a part of their corporate fiber while Macy's employees delight in coming up with ways in which they can share and give back to their local communities!  All in all, a great panel.

Day 2. March 3, 2011.

Nell Newman, a Human Ecology major in college, found a way to use her degree, regardless of her famous father's fears, that she would never obtain professional work. She was able to prove her father wrong. Nell and her business partner co-founded Newman's Own Organics with a $15,000 start-up loan from her dad Paul Newman. He believed she could create the not yet world of organic foods distribution and advance not only healthy living, but help elevate the organic farmers plights around the world. Nell's story at our luncheon today was very uplifting and proves that we all can make differences by doing everyday things...like buying coffee. New England McDonalds restaurants all serve Newman's Own Organic coffee! Its a choice what you buy, why not help sustain a village or farmer by choosing organic?

Day 1. March 2, 2011.

Descending upon the gorgeous Island Hotel in Newport Beach, CA hundreds of UW Women's Council members started off the Summit with a bang! Summit Co-Chairs, Artyn Gardner and Sue Parks introduced everyone to the wonderful world of Orange County and all shared in the fun with their new Mini-Mouse headbands smile

The keynote speaker Dr. Johnnetta Cole, currently Director, Smithsonian Museum of African Art shared her tremendous depth of experience and knowledge in the importance of being a part of a group effort as large as the United Way. Dr. Cole shared so many motivating statements and one that has repeatedly been Re-Tweeted from the UW_women Twitter account says it all:

"Doing for others is the rent you have to pay for living on earth."

"We have the ability to turn ourselves into an unstoppable force!"

Quite inspiring....join us and lets work together to make a difference.