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Top 25 #SpringFix Tweets

United Way partnered with MTV and mtvU, the network’s 24-hour college channel, to host “Spring Fix,” an Alternative Spring Break, in areas affected by Hurricane Sandy. Fifty college students from across the United States traveled to New York and New Jersey to help rebuild communities devastated by the storm. MTV cameras were on the ground capturing all the “Spring Fix” activities for on-air specials that start today, April 1st, but all the while our volunteers, MTV celebs, Grammy Award winning recording artists, NFL players and Six Flag park attendees had the scoop on-the-ground and tweeted the adventure to the rest of the world. Check out the top 25 #SpringFix tweets.

1. The Tweets started before we even hit the ground.
2. Before students arrived, Team Leaders were trained on the week ahead. Five team leaders were representatives from United Ways across the country. The other five were alumni of Storm Corps, United Way and MTV's first alternative spring break partnership.
3. It's amazing how quickly volunteers bonded after orientation. Our five teams really gelled so quickly and started looking like families before the end of Sunday night.
4. Our opening session included a welcome by Carlo Di Marco, Senior VP of Strategic Partnerships and Development at MTV, an overview of United Way from Edwin Goutier, Manager of Young Adult Engagement from United Way Worldwide, and an emotionally charged presentation by Adam Cox and Mandi Woodruff, Storm Corps alumni that feel their lives were changed by their ASB experience helping the Gulf Coast rebuild after Hurricane Katrina.
5. On Monday morning, five vans departed for projects in Staten Island, the Rockaways, Long Island, Union Beach and Lavallette. MTV Camera crews were with them capturing the action while students captured unique pics as well.
6. And then they got right to work!
7. While students worked ridiculously hard they still spread the word on social media. One of my favorite quotes from the week was, "I think Mary has a 'share' button on her sledge hammer." Thanks, Eric!
8. The stories from the homeowners were a huge motivator. These amazing people lost a lot in the storm and our volunteers wanted nothing more than to help instill some normalcy to their lives.
9. These cards made my heart smile.
10. Every night our teams convened in a town hall meeting to share stories and shout-out the great work of team members.
11. A couple volunteers actually had experience in construction. Their skills were put to really good use during Spring Fix. Their leadership made everyone else's learning curve a little less steep.
12. After only a day the progress was extremely noticeable. Volunteers were grateful to help people move back home.
13. Our volunteers learned about a school that was in great need of school supplies. After a long day of hard labor, they stayed up late and created an online fundraising page. In 24 hours they raised over $1,000!
14. One of our two construction gurus was on top of things!
15. Doesn't sound cliche at all!
16. United Way Alternative Spring Break empowers young people to make a difference in ways they probably never imaged. For example:
17. Did I mention they worked REALLY hard?
18. Another LOL moment. Apparently, Erin neglected to tell her friends where she was going to be for spring break and they learned of her whereabouts through social media.
19. Really loving Vine right now. If a Twitter picture is worth 1,000 words these videos are priceless.
20. I think I speak for the 60+ volunteers and team leaders when I say MTV has the raddest employees in the world! They really experienced the emotional highs with us, took care of us when we were sick, and, of course, their expertise in creating compelling video is getting the word out about the work that still needs to be done in New York and New Jersey. They actually told us this week was really impactful for them as well!
21. Eric isn't new to United Way, Alternative Spring Break or a camera in his face. This was his second United Way ASB, he's president of the first Student United Way in New Jersey and his college radio station was recently featured on mtvU.
22. More celebs lending a hand.
23. Some of our groups got to have a "MOVE THAT BUS" moment and revealed their hard work to homeowners.
24. Boom!
25. When I woke up on Friday morning and checked Twitter for #SpringFix entries, this was the first one I saw. This spirit and passion is alive and well in every Spring Fixer, every United Way ASB volunteer, and every Student United Way member around the globe. This tweet is why I'm happy to go into work everyday. LIVE UNITED.
BONUS I told you, it's just the beginning. Already starting new Student United Ways across the country.

That's my top 25 26 #SpringFix tweets but in reality I probably could have had a top 25 for each Spring Fix participant. I mean, I didn't even get into the Ne-Yo concert! I know others (I'm looking at you, Spring Fixers) may have opinions on their favorite tweets from the week. Post them in the comments below!