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Tell Congress & the President: Come Together; End the Government Shutdown

We are now in day 8 of the federal government shutdown. Many education, income and health services benefiting children and families have been affected by cuts to programs or furloughs of important governmental staff.

Large and small businesses, the workforce (especially federal workers), people who rely on public and privately-funded social services, and communities at-large, are being harmed by the shutdown. Already 800,000 public servants are at home without pay. Twenty-three Head Start programs did not receive their new grant on October 1 because new grant funds cannot be processed during a shutdown.

Other programs, such as the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC) and senior meal delivery services, will continue for a short period of time, but have a short window before funds will run out and services will stop. The longer the shutdown continues, the more people and communities’ economic security will be damaged.

Join United Way leaders across the nation: Call on Congress and the President to work together and end the shutdown.

This Wednesday, United Way leaders from across the country will be on Capitol Hill bringing the message that congressional leaders must reach across the aisle, come together and end the government shutdown. While they do not have a position on how the government shutdown gets resolved, they will be calling on Congress and the Administration to turn to the normal processes our government has for resolving these issues.

Take Action:

Help amplify our message and sign the Thunderclap social media campaign urging Congress and the President to work together and end the shutdown. Pledge to show your support.

Sample Tweets:

·       .@UnitedWay leaders are in DC today urging Congress to end the #shutdown. Help amplify the msg: http://ow.ly/py1XM #liveunited

·       Help us rally for kids and families! Sign the Thunderclap to end the government #shutdown http://ow.ly/py1XM #liveunited

Tell us your story! How have you and your family been affected by the government shutdown? Send your stories to unitedwayadvocacy@gmail.com.

Your voice makes a difference.