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Staff from National Starch Volunteer to Help Kids Get Fit

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By Yeni E. Peña
Chemist, National Starch 

As the sunshine warmed up the morning on this October day, the Systems Design & Measurement team worked as “one” outside the offices and labs of National Starch, for the first time.

The United Way Healthy Kids Zones-Driven by GMC provided my colleagues and me the opportunity to create a playground to keep kids active and healthy at the Learning Gate Daycare in Bridgewater, NJ.  As we landscaped and carried mulch in wheelbarrows, we were all elated to hear the sound of kids playing in the background. Even more warming than the sun above us, was to hear a 4 year-old yell out, in his sweet voice, “Look! They are building a new playground for us!” and to hear his classmates respond with laughter, smiles, and a few jumping up and down yell “yay!” 

This program is part of United Way’s nationwide effort to get 1.9 million more kids active and healthy by 2018. Our involvement in the community to support healthy living and building a healthy play space for kids, exemplifies living united. LIVE UNITED, how can two simple words be so meaningful?