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Parents and Education: Career Day in Preschools and Kindergarten

Parents and education go hand-in-hand. Guardians and teachers should work together to educate children at home and at school. When parents actively participate at school, they act as good role models for their child and others. They show that volunteering and helping others can be rewarding for classrooms, teachers, and others.

During preschool years, teachers sometimes work themes about occupations into classroom activities. Parents can help teach children about careers by sharing their knowledge and experiences. Teachers can set up times for a career fest, inviting parents to sign up and take part in the classroom. When parents come into school, they should wear their work attire. If they can, they should bring along any special work tools or equipment to show what they do at work. For example, a nurse might bring a stethoscope so children can listen to each other's heartbeats, or a beautician might bring rollers and clips to demonstrate how to set hair. It's all about the presentation. One-on-one experiences help preschoolers understand community service. This is where parents and education fit into the larger picture of volunteering.

If a parent's work environment permits, a field trip can be a rewarding treat. If the parent is a pilot, for example, he may be able to invite the class to view the inside of an airplane and the control room. A veterinarian could let the class tour the animal hospital and see recuperating animals. Children absorb so much information through life experiences. Later, they can role-play what they learned in a class play.

Parents and education are important to a community. There are numerous ways parents can help in their child's school through United Way programs. Parents with time to spare should think about becoming a mentor, volunteer reader, or tutor in their child's school. It's all about giving back!