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Opening of a Worldtheque in Warsaw

Opening of a Worldtheque in Warsaw

After 6 months of hard work, United Way Poland opened “Światoteka”, a local day-club for children from Praga Poludnie district, thanks to the support of FedEx Express. Initial activities included art contest, private tutoring and catch-up classes for children and training classes for senior volunteers that will act as private tutors by helping children with their homework or just having a conversation. To see the video, please click here.

The FedEx grant also includes scholarships for disadvantaged children, 50 children from a long waiting list were thus selected to receive books and clothes for the school year. Educational and skill development scholarships will start in the beginning of school year.

Last, the program also includes educational projects run for the children or by the children. The first project was completed in May and focused on nutrition and culinary activities for 15 children, aiming at teaching them table manners, how to prepare meals together, cleaning before and after meals, etc. Next project will be a culinary workshop for 20 children during their vacation camp.


Many thanks to FedEx for its support.