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It’s Past Time to Fix Our Schools

It’s Past Time to Fix Our Schools

For over five years now, Congress has attempted and failed to pass the reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA). ESEA is the largest federal program designed to improve education, particularly for disadvantaged students.

Despite the fact that the bill was last authorized in 2002, our children continue to wait for Congress to fix our nation's public education system. The reauthorization of ESEA represents a great opportunity for a new vision and approach for providing a better education for millions of children. Not only is it a major piece of legislation for education policy, it’s a critical piece of the economic policy of our nation.

That's why United Way has created an online petition urging policymakers to come together and pass a bipartisan education bill. Our children have waited long enough. Now’s the time to act.

As the House and Senate consider reauthorization, we encourage Congress to make certain the reauthorized bill includes the following principles:

  • Provides students with access to a system of smart wraparound supports
  • Engages parents and families in the school system
  • Designs and staffs schools to boost student engagement and academic performance
  • Ensures that school districts provide all schools with the necessary conditions for success
  • Holds schools accountable for graduating students college- and career-ready

Tell Congress to pass a bipartisan bill today. Sign the petition and take action now. Tweet it!