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International Volunteer Day: Achieving Global Goals Together

Your world needs you. Will you take the challenge? Say yes, and volunteer! Join the global volunteer movement on December 5th, International Volunteer Day (IVD). Why? Because worldwide peace and prosperity can’t be achieved by governments alone. They can, however, take root and grow when people like you and me get involved in advancing the common good.

For IVD2015, the United Nations is emphasizing how important volunteers are in achieving the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – which are part of a global agenda to overcome poverty, inequality and address climate change. These goals are wide-reaching and ambitious, but every volunteer can help achieve them. How? Well, it’s the action itself, and it’s the practice of getting involved, too.

For example, tutoring a child can help keep him in school and on track to a good life. We all benefit from that volunteer action. And serving as a volunteer tutor means that you are more likely to get involved in other things – that improve education and your community overall and even in issues on a global scale. Volunteering not only addresses issues today, it also builds momentum and solidarity for change for the long-term. And that’s how, eventually, we create a better life for all.

You can picture yourself as part of this global change movement – literally. United Nations Volunteers is running a “selfie campaign” featuring photos of engaged volunteers like you on an interactive map. Post a selfie of yourself along with one of these templates via social media and/or through Volunteer Action Counts, ideally with a caption that includes #IVD2015selfie and about how and where you are helping change the world. Volunteers will fill a global map to show how volunteering is making a difference. It is exciting to see!

But don’t wait for December 5th to roll around each year to get involved. Follow @UnitedWay, check our blogs often, and get involved with a United Way near you.