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Support India Flood Recovery

Northern India is reeling under devastating flash floods and landslides in the Himalayan ranges, caused by the heaviest monsoon in over 60 years. The scale of destruction is unprecedented: over 1,000 people have perished, 10,000 are still missing or stranded, entire villages and roads have been washed away while other villages remain stranded with no reliable source of food. Thousands have been left homeless.
United Way Disaster Response Fund
The United Way in India, in partnership with local non profits, is helping lead support efforts for this unprecedented natural disaster.  This includes providing immediate relief (food, blankets, sleeping mats, medical support) as well as support for long term recovery.  All activities will specifically take place in the states of Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh which were the hardest hit by the floods. 
Help Make A Difference!
As people around the world come together to help those affected by the floods, we invite you to help make a difference and donate to the United Way Disaster Response Fund – India.  For more information on the latest efforts in India, please go here: unitedwaymumbai.org
Thank you for your generosity.

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