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Healthy Living Tips: Boosting Fitness as a Family

Healthy Living Tips: Boosting Fitness as a Family

Parents influence the way kids feel about healthy living more than anyone else. Mom and Dad are guides, coaches, educators, heroes, and role models, and parents who exercise with their kids teach them many important lessons. Exercising together does not just teach kids how to keep a healthy lifestyle, it also creates new traditions and nourishes family bonds. Here are six creative ways to get fit as a family:

Go the Extra Step

Walking is wonderful exercise for people of all ages, so take a family stroll after dinner, walk the kids to school, or park farther away from the store when running errands.

Take Fitness Breaks

Turn commercial breaks into fitness breaks when watching television together. When an ad comes on, see who can do the most push-ups, jumping jacks or sit-ups before the show returns.

Throw a Family Dance Party

Dancing is a great way to make healthy living fun. Put on your favorite tunes, pump up the volume, and boogie as a family. Shake your limbs, jump around the room, and laugh. You'll bond as a family while burning calories.

Start a Running Club

Encourage your kids to get active by starting a running club. Start off small, then help the kids set and reach goals that boost their fitness. To make a difference in your community while getting fit, sign up for a fun run or walk with your local United Way. Many have special routes just for kids.

Blend Technology with Exercise

It is no secret that kids love video games, and using technology to boost exercise bridges generational gaps, helping you to be active and enjoy a healthy lifestyle together. Look for games that make you move, such as bowling, dancing, tennis, or boxing.

Host a Family Field Day

Create your own Family Olympics or field day. Encourage friendly competition and healthy living as you race around the neighborhood, swim laps in the local pool, or have a cartwheel contest in the yard.