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Brian Cox

By Brian Cox


United Way Leaders Join Together for The Harwood Public Innovators Lab


United Way Leaders Join Together for The Harwood Public Innovators Lab Image

The Harwood Public Innovators Lab, December 5-7, Alexandria, Virginia

Imagine the mayor, superintendent of schools and other key community leaders gathered around the table to co-create a brighter future for your community. Through the two and a half day Harwood Public Innovators Lab, held at the Mary M. Gates Learning Center in Alexandria, Virginia, United Way CEO’s, staff and community leaders are learning to make opportunities like that a reality. The first step of that process, they are realizing through the lab, is adopting the tested method of “turning outward” and authentically listening to their communities.

“We’re launching this initiative at an important time for United Ways - and for the country,” Rich Harwood says in a video welcome which explains this unique learning experience came to be. 

Many in the United Way network have already found the lab to be valuable in helping them achieve their mission, which is why United Way and The Harwood Institute have joined together to co-host this event next week on December 5-7.

United Way is proud to continue the tradition of quality learning at the Mary M. Gates Learning Center. Stay tuned for outcomes from this important event. 

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