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Mei Cobb

By Mei Cobb

Could there be a better gift than to know you’ve made a difference?


Could there be a better gift than to know you’ve made a difference? Image

Make time this holiday season to volunteer with the ones you love – and resolve to make it a regular part of your life in the New Year!  Volunteering with your family means quality time spent with each other as well as a chance to help your community meet critical needs. It’s a good time of year to plan your volunteer activities for next year and decide how you or your family can make a difference in the key building blocks for a good life:  education, income and health.
For over 20 years, United Way of Northern New Jersey, Somerset County has been spreading good cheer in December with  Gifts of the Season. The Gifts of the Season program provides new gift items for children, teens, disabled adults and seniors in need.  Working in partnership with about 30 local non-profit organizations, the United Way of Northern New Jersey collects and organizes donated gifts for individuals and families. Several hundred volunteers are engaged each year to help sort, organize and package the more than 10,000 gifts that are contributed to the program. The result is that gift recipients not only enjoy a nicer holiday than they would otherwise, but also are able to use their limited resources to meet basic needs rather than purchasing gifts for their children.   

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