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Peter Beard

By Peter Beard

Charting a Course for Change through Collective Impact


Charting a Course for Change through Collective Impact main image

Charting a Course

Are you working with a United Way on your community initiative and wondering what the best role is for them? If so, check out this new white paper that lays out the community strategies experts say work best to improve education, financial stability and health and how your United Way can help you turn those strategies into action. 

More than 40 issue experts, 100 community leaders and a ton of research went into Charting a Course for Change that United Way put together recently. You’ll find the strategies experts say most communities should consider in those three areas, the most effective implementation approaches to turn those strategies into action, and the role or roles that your United Way can play to advance the common good by creating opportunities for a good life for all.

Download our new accompanying toolkit here, which gives a snapshot of the most important tools (across function areas) you'll need to get started.


·   Charting a Course for Change:  Advancing Education, Income and Health through Collective Impact

·   Charting a Course for Change: Tips

·   Charting a Course for Change: Toolkit

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