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Mei Cobb

By Mei Cobb


Autumn brings change, be part of the change


Autumn brings change, be part of the change Image

There is something magical about fall.  Crisp weather, cozy sweaters, the leaves turning.  It’s an energetic season filled with school activities and sports.  Transformation is stirring and hope is in the air as we begin to think about the fast approaching holidays and family gatherings.  

Fall can also be a time to simplify and derail holiday stress before it happens!  Volunteering as a family gives you a way to reaffirm your values, strengthen family bonds and even improve communications.  Learn more about volunteering as a family.  Having trouble convincing the kids?  Arm yourself with the compelling reasons they’ll enjoy their time as a volunteer.

Volunteering as a family provides quality time for busy families and positively impacts local communities across the nation.  Learn more about opportunities near you.

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