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The work that United Way is doing is invaluable” 

 - Mayor Julian Castro, San Antonio Texas



San Antonio Mayor, Julian Castro addressed United Way’s Early Grade Reading Mobilization Leaders on Thursday, noting how proud he was of the work that United Way was doing in jumpstarting community inertia and bringing people together in a community-wide effort around Early Grade Reading.

President and CEO of Greater Houston, Anna Babin and Najah Callander, Community Investment of Greater Houston provided an on-the-ground example of how United Way of Greater Houston has been taking on the role of convener

Houston’s Learned and Shared Practices include:

- Over 100 groups and 600 stakeholder community conversations were hosted

- Cross Functional Staff Trained in Consultative Selling and Community Conversations. (70 staff members trained in short 1 hour sessions and immediate deployment as facilitators and note-takers)

- Importance of capturing community contact information in conversations 

- Need for a geographic decision point. Where would we focus first?  “With limited resources we needed to pick one”

- Houston noted the importance of United Way’s focus on Talent Competency “This is not our job, it’s our ministry”

- Recognition that this is a long-term process