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Communicating with Teachers

Communicating with Teachers

Communicating with your child's teachers is an important key to helping your student get the most out of school. Get involved with his education by starting a dialogue and partnering with his educators. These tips will help you build a good relationship that will last throughout the school year.

Meet the Teacher

You can't foster a positive relationship until you actually meet the teacher in person. Attend the school's open house or schedule a brief appointment to introduce yourself, collect information, and offer to help through volunteering or donating items to the class. Showing you are willing to be active in your child's education sets the tone for the rest of the year.

Find the Right Time to Talk

Teachers are busy, and drop-off or pickup times are usually not ideal for chatting with parents. Set up an appointment when it is convenient for the teacher, and if you see them around town, resist the temptation to turn it into a parent-teacher conference.

Write Brief Notes

One of the best ways to communicate with teachers is through brief, concise notes. Clearly state your concerns and ask for guidance. Send them via email or directly to the school so your child does not become the messenger, and keep the line of communication open by following up.

Accept Differences

Foster a positive relationship by listening to the teacher, understanding their expectations and remaining calm if you have a conflict. Educators may have an approach or style that is different from yours, but that does not mean your child has a bad teacher.

Celebrate Successes

Teaching is far too often a thankless job. So this week (and every week), be sure to #THANKATEACHER for all they do to ensure a bright future for our communities.