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Tracey Holmes

By Tracey Holmes

You think you know a guy

You think you know a guy main image

Team NFL Captain Nnamdi Asomugha (Philadelphia Eagles) with Dylan Selberg at the United Way Youth Empowerment Summit with TEAM NFL.

It is human nature to generalize, stereotype, define people based on our own experiences to date. But every once in a while, people surprise you in ways that blow your expectations out the window and your aspirations to the moon. More


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Mei Cobb

By Mei Cobb

Thanks, Dad (and other men who care about kids)!

Father’s Day is coming up. No doubt lots of kids will be going on a special outing with their dad, or creating gifts, or even giving their father the old stand-by gift, a necktie. But since so many children don’t have the means to celebrate like this with their fathers, United Way of Northern New Jersey hosts an annual gift drive. More


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Mei Cobb

By Mei Cobb

The Gift of Graduation

For lots of families like mine, it is graduation season. This can be such a joyful time for the students and their families alike. I am so proud and grateful that my son is graduating from high school and looking forward to attending college. I also am grateful that my son had not only my husband and me to help him work hard to succeed in school, but also wonderful teachers, coaches, and other adult mentors. More


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Doug Taylor

By Doug Taylor

Rock Stars in Nashville

It’s hard to think of an academic as a rock star, but that’s how Mark Kramer was received at the United Way Community Leaders Conference in Nashville in early May 2012. Perhaps it was because we were in the U.S. County Music Capital (Dolly Parton made an appearance as well, but that’s another story altogether).



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Brian Cox

By Brian Cox

Voices for the Common Good: The World Speaks Out on Opportunity

United Way is excited to release “Voices for the Common Good: The World Speaks Out on Opportunity” – a new report based on more than 120 community conversations in a dozen countries. In these conversations, everyday people from all walks of life talked about their aspirations for their communities, the challenges they see in creating opportunity, and what it will take to make real progress in the areas central to a good life – education, income, and health.



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