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Mei Cobb

By Mei Cobb

Engaging Employee Volunteers

Civic engagement is on the rise in corporate America, according to the results of the 2013 The Civic 50 survey. More businesses are giving employees the opportunity to volunteer with community organizations and finding that it simultaneously increases their bottom line and employee satisfaction. More


Brian Cox

By Brian Cox

VIDEO: AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka speaks about United Way



Doug Taylor

By Doug Taylor

Rock Stars in Nashville

It’s hard to think of an academic as a rock star, but that’s how Mark Kramer was received at the United Way Community Leaders Conference in Nashville in early May 2012. Perhaps it was because we were in the U.S. County Music Capital (Dolly Parton made an appearance as well, but that’s another story altogether).



Brian Cox

By Brian Cox

Community Services Network Kicks Off United Way Campaign

Across the country, union members’ are demonstrating strong support for United Way More