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Mei Cobb

By Mei Cobb

Volunteers Can Bring “Tears of Joy” During Tax Season

Preparing tax returns can be stressful, but for a special group of people, tax season is a joyful time of year. Free tax-preparation programs for eligible people rely on volunteers from January through “Tax Day” to help maximize tax benefits and incentives for families who could use a boost. More


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Laura Scherler

By Laura Scherler

File for FREE with

It’s that time of year again. Time to file your taxes! But don’t worry; it’s not as bad as it seems. You can file your state and federal taxes for FREE using if you made $57,000 or less in 2013.



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Jesse Marcus

By Jesse Marcus

The Success of one Mother is a Triumph for all of Rhode Island

Melody wasn’t looking for a hand out; she was looking for a hand up. Today she provides for her children and is pursuing a career – one of 1,000s of people that United Way of Rhode Island has helped get on more solid financial ground. More


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Jason Bethke

By Jason Bethke

Help Families Create a Savings Plan for Financial Security

A savings plan can help low-income families to budget for Christmas, large purchases, and even unseen emergencies. More


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Patrick McIntyre

By Patrick McIntyre

National Youth Enrollment Day – February 15

United Way is partnering with Young Invincibles, Get Covered America, the American Cancer Society, and others to promote National Youth Enrollment Day, Saturday, February 15. More


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