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The Importance of a Healthy Environment

Regular physical activity is critical for a child to be able to have good health, success in school, and overall wellbeing. Educating individuals to make the healthy choice is important, but is not enough to combat the environmental conditions and limitations that often determine an individual’s health. More


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Lindsay Torrico

By Lindsay Torrico

United Way Advocacy Forum and Capitol Hill Day 2012

United Way Advocacy Forum and Capitol Hill Day 2012 main image

United Way Hill Day

Nearly 50 United Way CEOs, staff and volunteers gathered in Washington, DC last week for an advocacy training and Hill Day focused on advocating for critical Education, Income and Health issues. More


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Mei Cobb

By Mei Cobb

Life Changing Anniversaries

Life Changing Anniversaries main image

United Way of Brazoria County’s annual Day of Action

As I write this we’re expecting our 6th day of 100 degrees or warmer this summer – part of a nationwide heat wave. Appropriately enough, NBC Nightly News recently reported on the 110th anniversary of the air conditioner and how it “changed our lives forever.” More


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Doug Taylor

By Doug Taylor

Rock Stars in Nashville

It’s hard to think of an academic as a rock star, but that’s how Mark Kramer was received at the United Way Community Leaders Conference in Nashville in early May 2012. Perhaps it was because we were in the U.S. County Music Capital (Dolly Parton made an appearance as well, but that’s another story altogether).



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Linda Paulson

By Linda Paulson

The Most Important Lessons in Life I Learned From My Mother

As long as I can remember, my mom has been doing for others. She set an example and included me in her good work. I remember as a child, going to volunteer wherever my mom was helping in the community. We did many different things including volunteering at our church or the park concession stand, which I realize now played a vital role in keeping the kids in my community active and healthy. More


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