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Lindsay Torrico

By Lindsay Torrico

Give the ‘Gift of Giving’

Give the ‘Gift of Giving’ main image

Tis the season for giving and donating to your favorite charity's end-of-the year holiday drive. This is a time of year to appreciate our nation's rich history and tradition of charitable giving. Unfortunately, the tax policies that encourage individuals to give are at risk. We need your urgent help to tell Congress about how current tax laws on charitable giving help individuals and families in our communities. More


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Jason Bethke

By Jason Bethke

How to Eat Healthy, Feel Better, and Look Great!

How to Eat Healthy, Feel Better, and Look Great! main image

Eating well, feeling great, and looking your best is all connected. After all, "we are what we eat." Learning how to eat healthy involves breathing clean air and drinking pure water, but the spotlight is really on how we get the proteins, fats, and carbs that shape our bodies and make us strong. More


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Peter Beard

By Peter Beard


As we continue our BIG THANKS, we want to take the time today to give a shout out to all of our community partners that work with United Way to drive education, income and health. More


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Jason Bethke

By Jason Bethke

Health and Nutrition Tips for Vegetarian Kids

Vegetarian households need to pay extra attention to the youngest family members.

Although children have no problem eating carrots and celery sticks, they still need to maintain a balanced health and nutrition plan to keep their protein levels within a safe range. Here's how to add extra protein to a child's vegetarian diet. More


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Brian Cox

By Brian Cox

6 Ways to Advocate Health and Wellness for Toddlers

Young children depend on the guidance of adults. When it comes to health and wellness, day care providers, preschools, and caregivers are the decision makers. Here are six ways parents can be involved with the adults who influence their little ones.



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