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Sandra Serna Smith

By Sandra Serna Smith

United Way and the Public’s Health

National Public Health Week reminds us all to reflect on the amazing progress that has been made to improve people’s lives around the world. In this blog post, Kitty Hsu Dana, United Way Worldwide's Vice President of Health, discusses how the landscape of health reform is changing, and what remains the same. More


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Patrick McIntyre

By Patrick McIntyre

Health Care is Hard – Navigating the Changes

April 7-14, 2014 is National Public Health Week. In this blog, Patrick McIntyre, our Director of Health Policy, sheds some light on the recent health care changes and gives us a glimpse into what is ahead. More


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Jason Bethke

By Jason Bethke

Healthy Living Tips: Boosting Fitness as a Family

Parents who exercise with their kids give them the building blocks for healthy living. More


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Jason Bethke

By Jason Bethke

3 Healthy Dinner Recipes Kids Will Love

Is dinnertime a struggle? Try these four healthy dinner recipes this week. The kids will gobble down these classics without knowing how many vegetables they've actually eaten. It's a win-win for parents. More


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Jesse Marcus

By Jesse Marcus

Camden, New Jersey: The Road to a Healthier Community

In Camden, New Jersey, United Way has brought the community together to tackle important health issues -- and the results are inspiring! More


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