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Edwin Goutier

By Edwin Goutier

What these college students do for their communities will amaze you

These Millennials aren't waiting in line to become leaders in the United Way movement. They're stepping up now - and we thank them for it! Read on to get inspired by the 2014 Student United Way Award winners. More


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Lindsay Torrico

By Lindsay Torrico

United Way on the Hill. Amplify the Message!

United Way on the Hill. Amplify the Message! main image

United Way is joining with nearly one-thousand advocates on May 14 to raise our voices for working families across the country. We know that in order for our nation to compete in the global economy we need high-quality child care that gives every child a solid foundation; income supports that help people reach their full potential; and good health that allows children to stay on track in school and adults be productive at work. More


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Mei Cobb

By Mei Cobb

Volunteer to Thank Teachers

Whether your teachers sparked an interest in something that turned into your career, inspired a lifelong love of reading, or encouraged you when you faltered, teachers deserve our appreciation every day. Here are a few ideas for saying thank you to teachers that you and other volunteers could consider doing during National Teacher Appreciation Week, May 5-9, 2014.



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Stacey Stewart

By Stacey Stewart

United Ways Helping Lift National Graduation Rate

United Way's focus on education in the last six years has helped fuel America's highest graduation rate in history. More


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Jason Bethke

By Jason Bethke

The Power of Community Involvement

The Power of Community Involvement main image

As an active champion of community involvement, you are the primary force of advocacy, positive change, and common good your region deserves. More


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