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Stacey Stewart

By Stacey Stewart

NYT Letter to the Editor: Come Together

"The challenges we face are too big for any one sector to tackle. But when all of us — nonprofits, government, business and individuals — combine our talent, resources and time, we create opportunities for everyone to flourish." More


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Brian Gallagher

By Brian Gallagher

Commit to Common Good Ideas

Commit to Common Good Ideas main image

Hundreds of thousands of Brazilians are taking to the streets to protest government spending. The protests are about the billions being spent on soccer stadiums and other projects in preparation to host the World Cup and Summer Olympics, instead of on education, health care, or job training. More


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A Letter to United Way Supporters

By Barbara Murphy

generous supporters of United Way, I believe it is important to keep you informed about how your hard earned money is invested in the local programs and services that are having a positive impact on your community. More


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Mei Cobb

By Mei Cobb

7 Days to SERVE

7 Days to SERVE main image

United Way will be working with Fannie Mae in eight cities across the U.S. to launch 7 Days to SERVE.

Calling Corporate America! Looking for a way to energize employees and give back to your communities? Consider a day, or even a week, of employee volunteering. More


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Brian Gallagher

By Brian Gallagher

Believing in Something Bigger

Like you, United Ways around the world wrestle every day with issues brought on by rapidly changing economic, political and social environments—issues clearly bigger than any one individual, institution or sector to solve. More


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