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Author: Jesse Marcus

Jesse Marcus

Jesse Marcus

Jesse Marcus is the Storyteller at United Way Worldwide. He joined United Way in May 2013 and is responsible for sharing the success stories of communities that come together to focus on education, income and health – and create real and lasting change as a result.



A Conversation with Ann Stallard and Dr. Johnnetta B. Cole

It’s the ultimate women’s fireside chat – inspiring, funny, informative and provocative. Listen in on a candid dialogue between two women who have been pioneers in civic life, work and United Way’s mission of community change. 


Why World Toilet Day Matters


The world is a complicated place, and it takes comprehensive solutions to drive lasting change. We’re seeing that kind of change improving lives in places like West Bengal, India, where something as simple as clean, working bathrooms in schools are empowering young women and opening more doors to economic opportunity. 


Mumbai Millennials Move Mountains


Mumbai is a city of nearly 20 million people. As the center of India’s financial and entertainment industries, as well as the location for some of Asia’s largest slums, it is a city divided between haves and have-nots. It is also the home of Sumaiya Selot, a passionate student who, along with more than 9,000 other college youth, public health personnel and community members, has taken on one of India’s greatest challenges: the epidemic of Hepatitis B. 


Thank You and Happy Birthday, Dr. Salk!


The inventor of the polio vaccine didn’t care about being famous, and neither do the millions of people who wake up everyday dedicated to making their community a place of opportunity for everyone.


Beyond Pink Ribbons: Shifting the Conversation from Awareness to Access


You know it’s October, because suddenly pink ribbons are everywhere, people are biking and running and making calls to raise awareness about breast cancer, and talking heads and celebrity spokespeople are doing their part to spread the word.

This year, however, I humbly suggest that we broaden the discussion, because awareness is not enough. If we really want to trumpet the importance of detecting breast cancer early on, then we also have to address the fact that too many people still don’t have access to potentially life-saving preventive medicine. 


Domestic Violence Awareness Shouldn’t Stop or Start in October


In Davenport, Iowa, Jessica is now financially independent, and she and her three children are safe. Their family has come a long way since she escaped a long-term abusive relationship and found support and counseling from United Way.


3 Ways You Can Help Prevent Suicide in Your Community


September is Suicide Awareness Month, an opportunity to talk about ways we can save more of the nearly 40,000 people who end their lives every year. Suicide is the third leading cause of death for young people ages 12-18. And among veterans the suicide rate has been on the rise in recent years. But suicide is also highly preventable and we all can be part of the solution in our communities. In fact, it’s already happening in big cities and small towns around America.


Want to see what lasting change looks like?


Meet Jamie.  

Use United Way’s new interactive infographic to follow Jamie on his path to success in school, work and life. Click on formative moments in his life to see real-life examples of how people are coming together to make a difference.  Not just in the lives of kids like Jamie, but also in the communities where kids like Jamie live, work and play.


A Story About Education…or Is It?


Change has come to Pamdu, a close-knit community in southern Ghana.

Our story begins with 16-year old Suleiman Ibrahaim, a young man who is no longer missing classes at school. What accounts for his improved attendance rate? It’s not a new school. It’s not better teachers. It’s actually something as simple as water.


Camden, New Jersey: The Road to a Healthier Community


In Camden, New Jersey, United Way has brought the community together to tackle important health issues -- and the results are inspiring! More

Salt Lake City: What Real Change Looks Like


With support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, United Way has produced an inspiring video that highlight the positive changes taking place in Salt Lake City. More

The Success of one Mother is a Triumph for all of Rhode Island


Melody wasn’t looking for a hand out; she was looking for a hand up. Today she provides for her children and is pursuing a career – one of 1,000s of people that United Way of Rhode Island has helped get on more solid financial ground. More

Kids Are Choosing School over the Streets in Poland


For the last six years, the community has been reaching out through United Way Poland to children and youth living in poverty. More

Columbus, Ohio Deserves High Marks for Linking Health and Education


More than 10,000 children have received early screenings for health issues that could impede their success in school. More

Helping Children Thrive in Britain


Every year, United Way aims to put 900 British children on track to early reading proficiency and long-term academic success More

Boston Unites to Put More People on the Road to Financial Stability


Financial help centers have helped more than 17,000 people find jobs, take control of their debt, and get on more solid financial ground. And the whole community benefits… More

Measurable Progress in India’s Fight against Hepatitis B


How young leaders in Mumbai, India have already vaccinated nearly 9,000 people against the disease. More

Improving Test Scores in Washington, DC


Find out what can be accomplished when 400 volunteers, teachers, students and their families join with United Way to make a difference. More

New York City Shows Us How to Get More Kids in the Classroom


Want to cut the national drop-out rate in half and save $45 billion every year? United Way of New York City may have a solution… More