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Author: Doug Taylor

Doug Taylor

Doug Taylor

Doug Taylor is the CEO of United Way Australia

Creating Impact Through Volunteering – Part 5: Deepening Employee, Business Engagement for Impact


In this fifth blog on corporate volunteering, we discuss the impact the last ten years of our unskilled team volunteering program has had on ourselves, United Way Australia, and how we have used this to deepen our engagement with our corporate partners, their employees and our communities, to create greater impact for all these stakeholders. More

Creating Impact Through Volunteering – Part 4: Growing Community Partnerships


In this fourth blog we reflect on the impact for our community partner, through a case study with a long term partner, Pathways Early Childhood Intervention, a small community organisation in Sydney’s inner west supporting families with children with disabilities. More

Creating Impact Through Volunteering – Part 3: A Win for the Business


In this third blog reflecting on the impact of ten years of United Way’s Corporate Connect team volunteering, we examine the impact for the businesses supporting their employees to volunteer. More

Creating Impact Through Volunteering – Part 2: Employees’ Journey in the Wider Community


In this series of blogs we share what we’ve learned about the impact of corporate volunteering on three key stakeholders: employees as volunteers, the businesses that supports their employees to volunteer and our partner community organizations. In the final blog I’ll explore how United Way has responded to increase employee and corporate engagement in community to create great community impact. More

Creating Impact Through Volunteering – Part 1: The Corporate Connect Team Volunteering Journey


United Way has been running our Corporate Connect team volunteering program for ten years. Along the way we’ve learnt a few things that we think are worth sharing. More

5 Key Questions Corporate Leaders Are Asking about Their Community Program to Improve Impact in 2013


Drawing on his experience of working locally, in Asia and North America over the last 5 years, Doug Taylor, CEO of United Way Australia, shares with you the most commonly asked questions the best corporate leaders are asking about their community impact programs and suggests them as questions to ask at the start of 2013. More

Rock Stars in Nashville


It’s hard to think of an academic as a rock star, but that’s how Mark Kramer was received at the United Way Community Leaders Conference in Nashville in early May 2012. Perhaps it was because we were in the U.S. County Music Capital (Dolly Parton made an appearance as well, but that’s another story altogether).