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Edwin Goutier

By Edwin Goutier


Eric Dolan leading his first Student United Way meeting

Eric is a pretty busy guy. He's a college sophomore with a rigorous course load. He hosts his own radio show and is the Music Director for the station. Still, as President of the first Student United Way in New Jersey, Eric finds time to give back—improving the quality of life for kids in Paterson, NJ. Read on to learn why Eric lives united in his own words.



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Lindsay Torrico

By Lindsay Torrico

Out-of-school Time Summit: Continuing the Momentum

United Way's Lindsay Torrico talks about the take-aways from the Out-of-school Time Summit and how advocates can support this critical issue.



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Mei Cobb

By Mei Cobb

Here’s a question: Where do the candidates stand on promoting volunteering and national service?

I thought it was great that individuals were permitted to ask questions during the second presidential debates. One question to ask is where the candidates stand on promoting volunteer engagement through national service. More


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Brian Cox

By Brian Cox

6 Ways to Advocate Health and Wellness for Toddlers

Young children depend on the guidance of adults. When it comes to health and wellness, day care providers, preschools, and caregivers are the decision makers. Here are six ways parents can be involved with the adults who influence their little ones.



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Jason Bethke

By Jason Bethke

Dominique Dawes: Helping Today’s Youth Realize Their Passion

By Jessica Badger, Manager of Learning and Conferencing, United Way Worldwide

During the afternoon of the United Way Worldwide Out-of-School Time Summit Sponsored by JCPenny, leaders in education and partners from across the country heard from Dominique Dawes, speaker and member of the 1996 Olympic Game's “Magnificent Seven” gold medal women’s gymnastics team.



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