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5 Ways Healthy Moms Can Raise Healthy Kids

Children learn by example. Healthy moms who watch their diets, volunteer in their communities, and make exercise part of their daily routines influence their children in a positive way. Here's how to make an impact today!

1. Make smart food choices. When children see their mother reach for an apple instead of a doughnut for a midmorning snack, they are likely to mimic this healthy behavior. Forgo the bag of chips for family movie night. Instead, serve a bowl of air-popped popcorn seasoned with a sprinkle of sweet cinnamon and stevia, or spicy garlic and hot pepper flakes.

2. Be active. Healthy moms take the stairs instead of riding the elevator. They also know that parking at the back of the parking lot is a quick way to burn a few calories when shopping. Start a family tradition of taking a walk after dinner. Or go for a bike ride. Head to the local fitness club to swim as a family.

3. Take personal time. Everyone needs time-outs during the day. Making time to do a hobby clears the mind. This keeps mental health in tip-top shape. Encourage children to partake in activities such as sports, art classes, or caring for a pet. While children are busy, healthy moms can indulge in their own activities such as aerobics classes, sewing, or attending a book club.

4. Share your wealth. Thoughtful moms give a dollar to a fundraiser at the grocery store or put coins in collection cups at cash registers. Teach this generosity to children by explaining that pennies add up to dollars.

5. Give time. Find a family oriented volunteer opportunity. From walking dogs at an animal shelter to visiting children at a hospital, a few hours a week spent volunteering teaches kids how to share their time with others in a healthy way.