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4 Sustainable Community Volunteer Activities

4 Sustainable Community Volunteer Activities

Keep local resources available and thriving by volunteering with small businesses and community groups. Just one hour a week makes it easier for a community to enjoy locally-sourced produce or meet with friends at the community library. Here are four ways to get involved and promote sustainable community resources:

1. Farmer's Market Assistant
Not every community can enjoy access to locally-raised meats and fresh produce grown on nearby farms. These things are luxuries. To promote the growth and sustainability of these products in your community, consider volunteering at a local farmer's market. Volunteers often help set up the market, create flyers, promote the market, and help vendors pack their belongings after sales close.

2. Library Page
Although libraries are usually state or federally funded, they often operate on a small budget. To keep the facilities running smoothly, and to offer activities for patrons, volunteers are crucial. Visit your local United Way office to learn about becoming a library page or helping with library special events.

3. After-school Programs
When the school bell rings at the end of the day, many teachers don't head for the door. In conjunction with a team of volunteers, many teachers stay late to offer after-school programs to give students extra guidance. This type of volunteering opportunity is perfect for retired teachers or parents who want to get more involved with their child's school.

4. Food Bank Volunteer
Another cornerstone of a sustainable community is food resources for the needy. Food banks often operate on a donation basis. Companies and community members donate their time and non-perishable foods to help distribute items to local people. Since many food banks are open on the weekends, this volunteer activity is easy to fit around a traditional Monday through Friday work schedule.

Not sure what volunteer opportunities exist in your area? Visit United Way online to search for ways to promote a sustainable community in your neighborhood.